A group of superheroes inspired by social media must collaborate together to take down Hater, who threatens to destroy the internet.

1.1 - (PILOT) - Biggest Pitch of My Life

Kenny's got the biggest pitch of his career, with Marvel. Can he impress them and get his movie made?

1.2 - If Youtube was a Superhero

Kenny finds himself with trouble while shopping for yogurt.

1.3 - If Facebook was a Superhero

Kenny pisses off the book store clerk when he returns an overdue book. Wolf n Blaze return with a new boss.

1.4 - If Twitter was a Superhero

An angry worker returns to his insurance job to wreck havoc with his co-workers by planting a bomb. But wait, somebody’s coming to help! It's a bird, it's a plane... it's TWITTER-MAN!

1.5 - If Instagram was a Superhero

There’s an underground “jean” deal happening with Wolf n Blaze. And Instagram-man isn’t going to let that slide one bit!

1.6 - If Snapchat was a Superhero

The Debster sisters just stolen the autograph painting of Muhammad Ali and it’s up to Snapchat-man to retrieve it!

1.7 - If Social Media was a Superhero

The Social Media Kid faces his first real villain, known as Hater. Comment below your favorite superhero! Binge watch from the beginning here!

1.8 - I want to Give up!

When Kenny gets an eviction notice, he's forced to go back to work and gets a surprise visit from his dad.

1.9 - How to Become a Superhero

Kenny takes the group through intensive training if they're going to have any shot of becoming The Followers. Missed an episode? Watch from the beginning!

1.10 - A World with No Internet!

Kenny leads the Followers to stop Hater's men from taking out the telecommunications.

1.11 - (FINALE) How to Stop a Hater

Youtube-man's been taken hostage and it's up to the Followers to save him before Hater destroys him! Missed an Episode? Watch here!